Cost of a Mortgage Broker

Spoiler Alert...

As a Mortgage Broker I work for you and not the lender. I do not work for one bank or lender and thus am unbiased, putting your best interest first.

I have access to the top lenders in the country, including the big banks. My services are of no cost to you. While banks only offer products from their institution, which may not benefit everyone, I, as a licensed mortgage broker, offer hundreds of different products to suit various mortgage needs. From self-employed, seasonal employment, business owners, casual employment, and so much more, I have a mortgage suited for you. Not only do I have access to the lowest rates for your purchase, renewal, or refinance, I ensure your mortgage is working for you on your terms and not the bank.


  • Limited Access to Mortgage Products
  • Advisor Employed by the Bank
  • Retail Mortgage Rates
  • High Penalties
  • Limited Hours
  • Strict Qualifying Criteria
  • Not Licensed
  • Profit from Client's Debt
  • Lower Mortgage Amounts
  • Overall High Cost


  • Unlimited Access to 30+ Lenders (Including the Big Banks)
  • Works for You
  • Lowest Rates in Canada
  • Lowest Penalties
  • Available 24/7
  • More Qualifying Options
  • Fully Licensed
  • Assist with Credit
  • Discounted Closing/Legal Fees
  • Larger Mortgage Amounts
  • All at NO COST

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