New high-end home mortgage advisor course opens


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Working with luxury homeowners and high-net-worth individuals and families can be intimidating. Fortunately, a new certification course is available to help mortgage professionals who want to specialize in serving this unique market.

The luxury home mortgage advisor course has been pre-approved by Mortgage Professionals Canada for 4 CE units in the professional development category, and is now available to take online or in-class in select cities throughout Canada. The course includes testing, certification, and completion of a comprehensive 42-page business plan.

“The course is not about specific products or lenders willing to fund multi-million-dollar deals,” said Roland Mackintosh, founder and CEO at Luxury Home Mortgage Group.

“You will learn how to build a network of top-tier professionals and how to transition these professionals to endorse and recommend you to their roster of luxury homeowners.”

“Dealing with high-net-worth clients should not be intimidating to mortgage brokers and this course is going to be a game changer for brokers who are looking to grow their business,” said Sabeena Bubber, a senior mortgage professional with Xeva Mortgages.

“From learning how to attract high-net-worth clients to preventing your client from shopping a deal you worked so hard to get approved, this course will help us as brokers gain more market share in an untapped market.”

“In today’s competitive environment, it is more important than ever for mortgage professionals to differentiate themselves from their competition,” said Mackintosh. “Personal branding and specialized knowledge can mean the difference between closing a multi-million-dollar mortgage or losing the deal to another mortgage professional who specializes in this area.”

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Ian Clark

Born and raised in beautiful Mount Pearl, starting his career in finance upon graduating with a Business Administration Diploma. Ian is always advocating for the client and offering the best service.





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