Pink Day! Anti-Bullying🚫 Be Kind💕 Yesterday when my Uber pulled up at…

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Pink Day! Anti-Bullying🚫 Be Kind💕
Yesterday when my Uber pulled up at Tim Hortons to pick me up, I asked the driver if he wanted a tea or coffee. The driver in disbelief said, ”I’ve been living here for ten years and never before has a white person offered to buy me anything”. I continued by saying that ”I can’t very well have anyone pick me up at Tim Hortons and not offer them a coffee”.
None of the characteristics he would have thought; perhaps the colour of his skin or earning an income driving, played into my mind. Unfortunately, he had a lot of previous passengers were they did.
To me it was a simple gesture, here was a man picking me up at Tim Hortons on a Monday morning, who wouldn’t want a cup of joe☕️?
We set off and dove into conversation, he immediately asked where I was from and I enthusiastically said ”Newfoundland”. He smiled ”I love people from the East Coast, they are always so friendly”. We continued to chat until we reached the destination, I thanked him for the ride and he set off for his next fare.
The moral of the story and our 20 min ride together, was that regardless of who you are, where you are from or any other underlying circumstance, be nice to one another. Say hello as you pass them on a trail, hold that door open for those behind you, even a smile goes a long way. So today on Pink Day, look to your neighbour, colleague, classmate and think how you would like to be treated because they are thinking the same thing. #bekind #pink
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Ian Clark

Born and raised in beautiful Mount Pearl, starting his career in finance upon graduating with a Business Administration Diploma. Ian is always advocating for the client and offering the best service.





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