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Rate Mortgage

The interest and payments for this mortgage are locked in for the duration of the mortgage term. For example a 5-year fixed rate mortgage at 3.00% means your payment will stay the same for 5 years. This type of mortgage is popular among First-Time Homebuyers.

  • Consistent Payment, Easy to Budget
  • Protected from rising Interest Rates
  • Set it & Forget it

“Those who want the security of a consistent payment”

Rate Mortgage (ARM)

The interest rate for this mortgage is attached to the Prime Rate. Your payments will increase or decrease with the change in prime rate. For example a 5-year variable rate mortgage with P-0.95% means your mortgage rate is discounted by 0.95% off of the prime rate. This type of mortgage is popular among repeat buyers and rental property owners.

  • Historically proven to be less expensive
  • Low Penalties
  • Great alternative to a Short-Term Fixed

“Those who want to keep their options opened”


A special mortgage product that allows you to take a lump sum of cash, between 1-5%, out upon closing. Only available in a Fixed Rate Mortgage with a premium rate.

  • Ability to access cash

“Those who need to access cash when purchasing”

Purchase Plus Mortgage

A special mortgage product that allows you to add renovations into the mortgage. For example if the purchase price is $200,000 and the renovation costs are $21,000 the new purchase price will become $221,000. This is great for those who want to customize their new home purchase.

  • Ability to renovate upon purchase
  • As little as 5% down payment
  • Cheaper then Loans or Lines of Credit

“Those who want to customize their new home purchase”

Buyout Mortgage

A special mortgage product that allows one spouse to buy the others interest out of the home. 

  • Allows one spouse to remain in the home
  • Great alternative to Refinancing
  • Allows for Joint Debt to be paid out

“When one spouse purchases the others interest in the home”


A special mortgage product where you only make interest payments. With low payments this frees up cash-flow for other purposes. For example those who want to access cash for other investment opportunities.

  • Low Payments
  • Allows greater Cash Flow
  • Flexible

“Those who want to free up cash flow”


A special mortgage product that is designed to help homeowners over 55 access up to 55% of the value of their home.

  • No Payments until the home is sold
  • Receive Tax Free Cash as a lump sum or as monthly income
  • Maintain Ownership of your Home
  • You never loose the ownership of your home. At no time is the title transferred. The reverse mortgage provides financing against the home.
  • The most that can be borrowed is 55% of the homes value. Homeowners keep any increase in the home’s value but is never required to make up for a decrease in value.
  • No Medical check required

“Those who are retired and wish to stay in their home and supplement their income”


A short-term mortgage providing solutions for builders, those with CRA debt, credit repair, bridge financing, land purchases and more. For example when a builder needs funds to complete the build.

  • Short-Term
  • Flexible
  • Allows Traditional Lenders to assume mortgage after
  • Private Mortgages vary lender to lender and are typically available in 3-6-9 and 12 month terms. 
  • Are an open term so they can be repaid at anytime.
  • Consist of interest only payments.

“Those who need a short-term solution”

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