Required Mortgage Documents


Below are examples of documents you may be required to submit as a part of the application and/or approval process. Please note this is to be used as a guide and may not represent the exact document required.

Income Confirmation Documents

Letter of Employment

Pay Stub

Notice of Tax Assessment (NOA) Mailed Version.

Notice of Tax Assessment (NOA) “My CRA Account” / Online Version.

CRA Statement of Accounts “My CRA Account” / Online Version.

T1 General – Statement of Professional Activities


Letter of Employment

Pay Stub

Union Letter

Other Income Confirmation

Child Care Benefit Notice (CCB) Mailed Version

Union Letter

Down Payment Confirmation Documents

Bank Statements

Investment Statements

Deposit Receipt


Landlord Rent Letter


Void Cheque / Direct Deposit Form

Property Documents

Rental Agreement (Rental Income)

Property Tax Statement

Screen Shot / Screen Capture


Required Mortgage Documents - Secure Upload

In order to upload documents to the Secure Portal they must be in the PDF format. Please use the free conversion link below.