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More borrowers could be at banks’ mercy

“Yes, B-20 has prevented some clients from shopping around, because it’s possible they may not qualify under the stress test, but there are option options out there for clients up for renewal, which might better suit their lifestyles,”

Lender Insights from the 2018 National Mortgage Conference

Mortgage professionals from across Canada descended on Montreal last weekend for the annual National Mortgage Conference.

Hosted by Mortgage Professionals Canada, the annual gathering was once again well attended, with about 1,200 participants and 60+ exhibitors at the Exhibitor Expo.

The two-day event featured a mix of educational sessions, industry updates, networking events and keynote speakers.

B-20 looms over MIC conference

Last week’s British Columbia MIC Manager’s Association conference set an attendance record—a sign that B-20 has helped the space grow market share. “There is a lot going on in the MIC space with OSFI-related B-20 rules and things getting tighter with conventional lenders, said Steve Ponte, president of the BC

Tories plan to make B-20 election issue

The Conservative Party of Canada will make B-20 a hot button issue during next year’s election. The party’s Deputy Shadow Minister for Finance has already tabled two motions, both of which were rejected by the Liberals, to study B-20’s effects. Refusing to go quietly, MP Tom Kmiec has vowed to

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