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Montreal draws ever-closer to implementing foreign buyer taxes

“We must avoid at all costs what is happening in Vancouver and Toronto, where 90% of projects are sold to investors. Montrealers must be able to own their own city,” Laurence Vincent, co-president of development company Prevel, said in an interview with Montreal-based markets observer Yury Shupilov.

New Rule Targets HELOC Holders Seeking a Second Mortgage

“Many of the rule changes over the past 10 years have made it really hard to buy a home beyond your primary residence,” he said. “This rule change is focused squarely on that. It has no effect on your owner-occupied residence, but will make it more difficult to purchase a second home or rental property. Many clients will be forced to choose between the security of having a credit facility should they require it, and purchasing that second property.”

Tories plan to make B-20 election issue

The Conservative Party of Canada will make B-20 a hot button issue during next year’s election. The party’s Deputy Shadow Minister for Finance has already tabled two motions, both of which were rejected by the Liberals, to study B-20’s effects. Refusing to go quietly, MP Tom Kmiec has vowed to

The Canadian housing market has managed to steer clear of NAFTA drama — so far

NAFTA has dominated the news this week, as Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland heads to Washington for what she has called “extremely intense” negotiations. As the trade talks continue, some industry watchers have wondered how a tenser trading relationship with our southern neighbour might affect the Canadian housing market. The

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